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Mixing Inspirational and Energizing Hip Pop and Rap Fusions: Rising Artist Dweeze Releases Fresh New

Producing colorful and wide-ranging musical compositions, from stunning Pop to memorable R&B, emerging vocalist and songwriter Dweeze is all ready to capture

An up-and-coming phenomenon, Dweeze is a budding singer and songwriter who is on the right track to solidify his position within the diverse and fast-paced musical scene of the Rap and Pop industry.

With unique and enriching compositions that encompass refreshing Pop beats and lyricism to soul-stirring and authentic Hip Hop songwriting, the growing powerhouse of talent is driven to reach new heights.

A growing artist, Dweeze wishes to bring back a sense of authenticity with hard-hitting, raw, and unfiltered musical composition. With the release of his striking and memorable new single titled “From The Back”, the budding singer is slated to achieve all these goals and more.

Having put out for fans of R&B on October 4th ‘2020, the rousing single is a thrilling narration of Dweeze’s own experiences, put against the rich and stunning beats of R&B blended with Pop. The gifted artist has carefully strung together sensual lyricism with an exciting R&B soundtrack that beautifully complements his vocals.

Having collaborated with up-and-coming icons of Hip Hop such as Cr8te Beats, Big Mike and GKD Natural among others, Dweeze’s single shows passionate storytelling and raw and authentic vocal prowess. With original tracks such as “Secrets” and “Strange Sound”, Dweeze wishes to use his vocals to raise awareness about things he feels are important, while surprising fans of his music.

“I have had crazy feedback about my music and I’m not the only one that feels like this”, says Dweeze, regarding the stunning line of singles and musical tracks that he has successfully put out for fans of Rap.

Check out his fresh new tracks and discover more about Dweeze on the links below and reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.


Up-and-coming Hip Hop and Pop sensation Daniel Brown, known better by his artistic name “Dweeze” is a skilled singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Oakland, California.

As a child, the rising singer was exposed to a surrounding that was both loving and appreciative of his growing talents and inspirations. Dweeze believes that his musical strength and multi-genre abilities were inspired and driven by the support of his loving family while growing up. The passionate songwriter first tried his hand at crafting musical compositions when he was 16 but was unable to find the right chords or interests to persevere. Experiencing a series of roadblocks and hardships growing up, Dweeze had to put his musical passions to a side for a long time, before getting right back into the industry with breakthrough singles in 2016. Today, the budding singer credits icons such as GKD Natural for getting him to fall in love with Rap once again.

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