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Multi-Genre Talent No One Will Know Drops New Track

Delivering sensory emotions laced within enriching guitar and electronic sounds is No One Will Know’s forte- and the artist makes sure this talent shines bright.

Evansville, WI — March 2, 2022 – Melding and marrying diverse sounds and rhythms using live guitar and electronic soundscapes, eclectic artist No One Will Know is showcasing his mettle to the world. Led by a driving goal of making listeners jam to his music, the seasoned artist hopes to make audiences listen and enjoy his unique brand of music.

No One Will Know released a refreshing new track titled, “We Won” in January 2022, which seamlessly entwined the artist’s first two rap songs together in a single. The artist notes that he used the Webster’s dictionary and Webster’s rhyming dictionary to combine some words and makes the rhyme more complex and hilarious- an enthralling overall experience for fans of the genre.

Loving the challenge of rapping, No One Will Know continues to pen down thrilling, deep, and meaningful lyricism and considers himself a rising song writer like Eminem. “We Won” builds up on an already fantastic discography, which also boasts the artists stunning 6-track EP, ‘Intensity’.

Dedicating his music to those who have been prey to injustices and to the victims of unsolved crimes, No One Will Know remains motivated to keep persevering. As an accomplished photographer, he also independently curated all the album artwork for his new singles and EP.

Armed with rad sounds and vibes laid against the soundscape of drums and rap verses, the artist hopes to make a hit or die trying – essentially make it big and get rich or die trying.

“I aspire to become a full time artist, producer, photographer, and perhaps dj’ing? But I want to reach more people and hopefully just gain one more true and loyal fan,” says No One Will Know about his plans.

Stream the newest track “We Won” by No One Will Know on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, and iTunes, and contact the artist by phone for an interview. Contact the artist by phone and email for collaborations.


Brian Alan Smith, known better by his artistic name No One Will Know, is a producer, guitarist, bass player, rapper, and photographer, and vocalist. With a couple of best friends, who each play the guitar or drums, the artist practices his skills at the bass. However, his musical compositions are the product of an independent process, doing everything himself in his music studio.

A skilled instrumentalist, Smith plays the electric guitar, the bass, the snare and hi hat, while adding drum samples into the mix on his midi controller. Having been making music since he started playing the trumpet in the fifth grade, the artist now has a Harmon mute like Miles Davis, which echoes a sound redolent of the like of smooth jazz elevator music. Under the musical identity of No One Will Know, the artist started building up his studio in 2012 and marked his foray into the music world, after he started playing electric guitar in 2018.


No One Will Know Name: Brian Alan Smith Email: Phone: 4243448443


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