Multitalented Music Artist QuaShawna Latest Single "Like You Did" Is One Of A Kind

Who doesn't know this feeling in a relationship that feels like an emotional roller coaster ride when something so good suddenly ends up bad? Anyone who has experienced heartache and failed relationships knows what it feels like and starts to ask yourself - what did I miss?

Today QuaShawna's third EP single, "Like You Did," has been released. A lovely R&B ballade with a nice club vibe that deals precisely with this topic. The piano, strings, synthesizer, and incredible harmonies made by producer team Mystikal Tunes (DJ Prime and DJ Montana) make the song perfect for this R&B vibe. In terms of content, QuaShawna describes her emotional situation and changes which affects the relationship, understanding, and the questions and guessing when it comes to love.

The song was written many years ago at a time when the Korean singer and rapper put her feelings and emotions into her music to overcome a particular part of her life. However, the fact she has seen so much potential in that song that everybody can relate to, she finally decided to re-record this track from scratch and added more on top.

Second and third voices, more harmonies, adlibs, choir background, and a rap part makes the song special. The song shows her varied skills again. After her first release, "My Apology," her first R&B ballade and followed by her Crunk and Rap track "Get Your Swerve On," she proves again that she is a talented music allrounder with a diversified style.

"I hope people will like my track and are able to relate. Everybody who has been through emotional moments can feel my song and the vibe it comes with, plus this beautiful instrumental - I love it and hope others will love it too."

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