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New Artist Profile: Satellites In Orbit Combine Hip Hop, Dubstep and Psychedelia

Satellites In Orbit (SIO for short) are a new duo made up of rapper/producers DATACRON and DRGS and they live in Oregon and New York, respectively. Their name was inspired by the fact that they live so far away from each other, yet by satellite technology, they’re able to create together. With just three tracks out together so far, DATACRON and DRGS have their roots in punk rock and take inspiration from other indie hop hop artists like the Beastie Boys, MF Doom and Run the Jewels. With a little more obvious psychedelic tinge to their sound and a heavy bass music production style, however, they’re already forging their own path.

“That’s True” is SIO’s third single and first music video which pretty much tells the story of their bicoastal collaboration is probably the most comprehensive showcase of their style so far. With heavy bass, halftime beats quite clearly inspired by RTJ. Their rap styles are very different, with DATACRON having a bright, intense and percussive sound and DRGS sounding more mellow and smooth; sort of like is Eminem and Snoop Dogg did a collab.

The subject matter of “That’s True,” like SIO’s other two singles, is vaguely about psychedelics and loosely compares outer and innner space through such experiences, but this is also the first single where the duo really introduce themselves via the video. The art direction in there also looks somewhat like Run the Jewels, with paper cutouts of satellites running into each other and a general overexposed glint to the live action bit. It’ll be the first time fans can put faces to the names and see a visual representation of the duo, which isn’t far off from their music. Whoever did the video pretty much nailed it.

The other two tracks releases by SIO are “New Noise,” an homage to The Beastie Boys’s “Intergalactic Planetary” and the trippy, trappy “Blips.” The latter seems like the track that best represents where SIO’s own style may head in the future. Satellite/psychedelic-themed as always, this track can’t be assigned to any one influence in particular yet is still very creatively done, with differently-styled sections, lots of interludes and sort of a chaotic neutral, experimental electronica vibe. It’s chunky, different, original and cool.

As SIO continue to move forward with their style, it’s likely that even more creativity and post-modern style will continue to come out of this remote duo. They’ll easily get a toe-hold int he cross section between EDM and hip hop and will definitely be a fun answer to the question, “what does hip hop made in space sound like?” Stay tuned to your satellites to find out.

“That’s True” by SIO is out now and can be streamed on Spotify or purchased with their other singles on Bandcamp.

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