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New Jersey Rap Artist Lil Neef Drops New Exclusive Video: "Doing Good"

Changing the tempo in the rap genre, rising rap artist Lil Neef is setting the bar high in his new video single release, "Doing Good"

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2022 – After releasing his new single, New Jersey Artist Lil Neef returns with a symbolic visual, titled "Doing Good." Rapping through his experience, "Doing Good" captures Lil Neef's lifestyle, which he expresses in every bar and lyric. Lil Neef is making it known he has what it takes to be on top of your favorite artist list and the industry.

Lil Neef is bringing a whole new sound with the latest single release, giving the hip-hop industry something they have been missing, authenticity, while creating his lane in the rap game.

New Jersey is known for generating great rappers, but amongst the rap scene, Lil Neef is by far the most consistent. See what the talk is about in the latest video, "Doing Good."

Stream "Doing Good" on YouTube:

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