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New Jersey Rap Artist Lil Neef Releases Highly-Anticipated Music Single: "Doing Good"

With an outstanding single release, "Doing Good," rising New Jersey artist Lil Neef is all set to make his mark in the hip-hop industry with an authentic sound and different approach to rap.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2022 – It is no debate about Hip Hop artist Lil Neef's extraordinary rap skills. In 2022, the Jersey native released over four singles, delivering a powerful message about his presents in the music industry. In his latest single release, "Doing Good," Lil Neef brings back lyrical content with substance.

"Doing Good" is one of his most anticipated singles, which features a dynamic instrumental and stands out from most artists today with a refreshing, built-to-last sound. The single is definitely a song you can keep on repeat and has relatable lyrics. However, Lil Neef's words hit differently as he expresses real-life issues over a hardcore hip-hop beat with a remarkable flow that takes the song to a different level. Nevertheless, many say they are more than satisfied with the single, making this single one of his best of 2022.

Lil Neef is not the typical rapper you hear daily on the radio. Instead, he is known for versatile music, lyrical flow, and wordplay, which plays a significant part in his music career as an independent artist. Stay tuned in with the up-and-coming New Jersey artists on social media and streaming platforms as he progresses in his career.

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