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New Video: Wolfman Jeckyll - "A Win Is A Win" (Prod. by Wolfman Jeckyll)

Updated: May 17

Providence, RI Hip-Hop vigilante, WOLFMAN JECKYLL, has been circling his prey and now the assault on 2024 begins with the new melodically dark headbanger single "A Win is A Win" produced by Jeckyll himself from his forthcoming self-titled LP. The accompanying music video shot by Las Filmz depicts Jeckyll walking through a park with spies watching him at every turn.

The single is also featured on a Limited Edition 7" Vinyl clear, square cut 45 rpm. On side A is the melodically dark "A Win Is A Win" and on side B you'll find the psychedelically delicious "The Drop."

Listen To/Stream Wolfman Jeckyll - A Win Is A Win prod. by

YouTube | Bandcamp (7" Vinyl A & B side)

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Twitter: @WolfmanJeckyll

IG: @Wolfman_Jeckyll

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