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OD OverdosingFlow is Back With A New Sound For The World

OD OverdosingFlow is a comeback artist who dropped rapping years ago after signing with a corrupt label and having to take care of his family. He never stopped writing or recording and is now ready to stun the Latin music industry with his diverse amount of music skills. Even if you do not listen to Spanish music OD will speak to you through rhythm and melodies.

LA 32 feat. The Ocean is OD’s latest song, it dropped August 7th and is now on all platforms, stream it now and get ready for his next song coming to all platforms real soon, not to mention many more in the upcoming months.

“Even at age 38, OD remains one of the most passionate and talented rappers I have ever met” says a friend of the Miami artist. Speaking of which, when asked about his goals OD once stated “I have no intention of giving up anytime soon, I will continue to make music until i have fulfilled my dreams and have given my family all I can”. This statement shows the drive and motivation behind OD’s music career.

OD says he has more than 50 unreleased songs but is simply waiting to perfect them all and create what he believes will be some of the best Latin albums ever made. From catchy melodies to heart touching lyrics, OD promises he will have a large impact on music as a whole.

Check out OD OverdosingFlow if you are tired of the same trending sounds in the music industry. “LA 32” is available on all platforms and will give you insight on his unlimited talent, be ready for a lot of good new music from OD OverdosingFlow.

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