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On the Rise: Rap Artists TDK and NHTORO Releases New Video, “Automatic”

Alabama rapid-rising artist TDK and NHTORO should be on your radar in 2022 as they drop another explosive street single, 'Automatic,' on #Youtube

Up-and-coming hip-hop artists TDK and NHTORO are bringing the energy and gangsta music back into the hip-hop genre in their latest music video release, 'Automatic.' The Alabama representatives are no rookies to the music industry as they continue to leave a mark in their state and are trailblazing to becoming number one soon. TDK and NHTORO style together on one track is the perfect mix for a street anthem on a hard gritty trap beat, generating some of the best music listeners can't reject. While consistently keeping a buzz on the internet, TDK and NHTORO have what it takes to take Alabama and hip hop to the next level.

TDK music is different from your average down south rapper and somehow stands out in his own unique way. The versatile rapper constantly gains a reputation worldwide for his phenomenon wordplay, which reflects his life story. Additionally, TDK has a magnificent way of keeping his fanbase locked in by dropping a lot of high-quality music. The new video, 'Automatic,' shows the listeners the way of life through his musical lens, leaving them devastated for more. In addition, 'Automatic' displays some of the best music yet to come in 2022, which keeps fans coming back for more.

TDK's music catalog reflects his steady progression in the music industry. With music that holds so much value in life to many who follow, the Alabama rapper focuses on building his brand and gaining new fans internationally. Stay tuned and follow TDK and his career on social media and streaming platforms.

Watch the new release, 'Automatics,' now on Youtube. Stream here:




TDK - TriizzyDaKidd


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