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Orlando Artist Kushikito Is The Next Big Rapper Making Waves In Florida

The music scene in Orlando has been on an upwards trajectory for quite a few years now, but the rap and hip hop genres of music are prominently blooming in the city. With many individual artists quickly rising to fame and mingling with prominent musicians like Post Malone, new talent can be seen emerging from not only Orlando but all of Florida. One such artist from Orlando who is ready to take the city by storm is Kushikito, an enviably energetic hip hop artist.

Though Kushikito may be new, he is fully prepared to break the ground with his solid arsenal of rap songs. Currently, Kushikito has twenty-eight songs making up six of his albums. All of these songs fall under the category of hip hop music and lay the foundation for Kushikito’s position in the hip hop and rap cultural explosion with Orlando and Florida.

Given the strength of Kushikito’s music and the richness of his lyrics, it can be said that Orlando has been sleeping on the next big hip hop artist of the state. While Kushikito might be underrated, it is expected that this will soon no longer be the case. The evidence for this claim is mainly derived from the success of his song “Why That” which was released across all major platforms in the year 2019. “Why That” is a part of album “Golden Boy” along with 3 other tracks. Kushikito’s other albums include Solo to the Grave, Old Ways, Kush Bluntz, Call of Kush, and Black Katana.

All of Kushikito’s albums can be streamed online on all popular music platforms. These music platforms include Deezer, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Youtube, and Spotify. Apart from these streaming platforms, Kushikito’s music is also available on TikTok for users to make small videos out of.

Given the projected success of the artist, it appears that Kushikito might be the ultimate hip hop artist that Orlando has been sleeping on.

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