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R&B’s Next Biggest Name Enthralling with Exceptional Dynamism and Passion: Terrell Matheny

Charged with an unparalleled work ethic and a burning passion to express his own story in own words, Terrell Matheny stuns with “It’s Not the Same”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2022 - R&B finds its vibrant new voice in the musical masterpieces of rising singer-songwriter, Terrell Matheny. The promising artist brings with his music a sense of newfound ebullience, delivered through use of scintillating beats and rhythms, packaged to perfection.

A multi-talented icon, Terrell Matheny showcases his fervor, zeal, and passion for the genre with his independent and originally composed tracks. His new single, intriguingly titled, “It’s Not the Same” features the artist alongside contemporary artist- Hana Sara, who beautifully complements Matheny’s vocal prowess.

A magnetic new single, “It’s Not the Same” has been released on the artist’s official music platforms and portrays a unique yet riveting tangent to the R&B genre. Listening to the artist’s stirring new single, audiences are bound to find themselves in the feels, reveling in the electric and exciting soundscape.

What makes Terrell Matheny stand out in the genre is his devotion and diligence which underpins each musical project that he takes upon. By adding layered, raw, and meaningful lyricism to R&B, the stunning singer-songwriter is sculpting a formidable career, having already won hearts and minds within performances in the entertainment industry.

“This really isn’t a competition to me, there are enough fans out there to let your music live. I’m different because I really have learned how to do almost everything from music production to writing movies (Boyz from the Streets),” says Terrell Matheny regarding his musical inspirations.

Stream, download, and buy Terrell Matheny’s soul-stirring new music, and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. Contact the artist through email for interviews, podcast, bookings, etc.


A talented singer, dancer, actor, rapper, songwriter, scriptwriter and published author, Terrell Matheny is a force to be reckoned with, straight out of Atlanta, Georgia. The artist has co lead in movies, and originally hails from Aurora in Colorado.

The multitalented powerhouse has featured in a string of exciting and acclaimed movies, such as ‘Fire and Rain 2019’, ‘Water 2019’ and ‘Boyz from the Streets’. With each new release, Matheny plans to move fans and the world simply through the power of art, and for him, music represents just that- pure, unadulterated art. The artist remains inspired by the love and support offered continually by his children and by the fact of knowing that he has a gift that the world needs to be a part of. With an infectious and inspiring spirit, Terrell Matheny aims to help the world through music and entertainment.


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