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Radio Rell Unveils New Album ‘Take Risk + Prosper’

Bringing to the world of music a dynamic brand of Hip Hop, Radio Rell and the NINETY1WEST Label immerse listeners in a spellbinding and hypnotic soundscape.

BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 - A seasoned singer-songwriter, Radio Rellhas been continually evolving and experimenting with his musical talents in the industry for about half a decade. Having faced a series of tests throughout his own life trajectory, Radio Rell has continued to remain steadfast in his aims of capturing the true spirit of Hip Hop, honing his skills and talents.

Determined more than ever before to make his presence felt along with CussWrd & Sam Fulton, complementing him on production, the seasoned artist is set to amaze listeners with his new album. Titled ‘Take Risk + Prosper’, the new album provides a breathtaking mix of innovative lyricism and songwriting, blended with fresh rhythms- a characteristic feature of Radio Rell’s artistry.

Radio Rell has also kicked off his own indie label and clothing, and with ‘Take Risk + Prosper’, the dynamic artist is bound to set his roots amongst indie artist royalty. Collaborating with stars like DJ mustard AV LMKR and 03 GREEDO, the talented artist puts on to show admirable confidence, and sleek songwriting abilities, enchanting listeners of the Independent HipHop scene.

Rhythmically enthralling, Radio Rell’s captivating and gripping vocals have the power to bind you within the aura of musical excellence. Working under Ninety1West slam Squad LLC, the eclectic artist’s newest release is bound to become a hit.

Using music as a spark of light to wade through life’s melancholy uncertainties, Radio Rell hopes to use his musical talents and capabilities for good- channeling his strength to heal the wounds of fellow human beings.

Tune in to the artist’s official music platform on Spotify, to listen to all of his tracks, and become a part of his beloved fan following. Keep yourself updated with his upcoming shows and projects by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

For music content and merchandise, check out Radio Rell’s new website for the latest music, up to date content, and threaded merch apparel.


A seasoned Hip Hop singer-songwriter, Radio Rell’s dynamic musical compositions bring a wave of fresh air to the world of indie music.

Having dropped a series of stunning tracks like ‘Belly of the Beast’, ‘The Plug’, and ‘Don’t Be Scared’, Radio Rell continues to up the ante, amazing listeners with his enchanting soundscape.

The talented powerhouse is currently working on his next project titled ‘the plug life’. Inspired by the music of the 1990s and the early 2000s, the artist has left no stones unturned in spreading his charm through ‘Where Was U At’. With each new release, Radio Rell continues to highlight new and undiscovered musical tangents, solidifying his artistry and capability to be on the top of the industry.


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