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Raw and Vulnerable Hip Hop: Fern Aspires to Connect With His Fans - #HHOE

Inspired by Juicewrld and XXXTentacion, Fern drops new single each week

Fern is a rising artist in the hip hop world. Based on his long-standing interests in hip hop and the raw emotion that it has come to represent for him and for millions of others listeners, Fern is aspiring to be like his idols such as Juicewrld, XXXTentacion, and Iann Dior. His art is heavily influenced by such artists, but he endeavors to retain his own personal touch in his songs. His discography is available for listeners on Spotify and Apple music with his latest song “Let Em Know” and three albums already out.

Fern associates all of his childhood with music but it was the hip hop genre of the industry which resonated most closely with him. Gripped by the sensational beats and the relatable lyrics, grade eight was the precise time when the attraction towards hip hop took on a deeper, more meaningful form for him. The one particular aspect of hip hop which appeals to Fern the most is the absolute raw emotion that the genre encapsulates. For the artist, it is the sheer vulnerability delivered in an upbeat and energetic way which makes all the difference. This is the reason why Fern finds himself drawn towards hip hop and aims to leave his mark on the genre.

This artist from Massachusetts started writing songs in his high school days and has never looked back since. In fact, his zeal and enthusiasm only seems to increase with time as he diligently works his way through album after album. As a matter of fact, Fern has three albums already out in the world for the listeners to hear and enjoy and he produces all of his music on his own, making the entire process highly personal and the product greatly intimate. Currently, Fern is releasing singles every week and aims to continue doing so.

The main themes underlying Fern’s songs deal include themes of love, heartbreak, and sorrow. Apart from hip hop, Fern also has a penchant for rap and aims to incorporate both genres in his new music.

One noteworthy aspect of the artist’s personality is that he aims to forge a genuine connection with his fans. According to Fern, he wants the people to experience his “visual” energy for themselves without taking anyone’s opinions for granted. This is the reason why Fern actively encourages his listeners to join him on his musical journey on Instagram


Fern is a rising hip hop artist from Massachusetts. Inspired by the likes of A Boogie, XXXTentacion, Juicewrld, and Iann Dior, he intends to leave his mark amongst the best of the hip hop artists. Fern has recently received rave reviews and shout-outs from many high profile artists, recently a live shout out and an open line of communication from hip hop star Jadakiss!

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