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Reimagining Hip Hop – Lyrical Genius Quanum888 Astounds Audiences With Latest Single

By infusing hip hop with exceptional lyricism, Quanum888 takes it to the next level and turns his fiercest critics into loyal fans.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 10, 2022 Quanum888 is an up and coming rapper and songwriter who has burst to the hip hop scene at a very momentous time. With a discography comprising nothing but hits, Quanum888 is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop industry. Oral Anderson, who is better known as Rhiza of MWE Studio, alongside Krazy Hype, helps to compile the songs that Quanum888 writes and sings.

What makes Quanum888 stand out from the rest of his competition is the ingenious lyricism he brings to all his songs. Ensuring that his songs strongly resonate with people who have undergone struggles in their life, Quanum888 provides a platform of expression wherein the listener feels catharsis. Another unique attribute in Quanum888’s music is its ability to transcend all comprehension barriers – the realness in his lyricism is complimented only by his crafty pick of synergistic instrumentals. There are rumours that there is a possible album in the works to be released later in the year, however nothing is certain at the moment.

Quanum888 strongly espouses certain ideas which take his discography and artistry to a whole new level. His priority is to be able to produce hits that are relatable to a vast majority of people. For that, he ensures that his music touches upon melancholy themes such as the theme of loss, regret, and grief in general. He also feels that no matter how strong one considers themselves to be, there is always something that life will throw at you which will knock you down. In that moment, Quanum888 wants to be there for his most vulnerable fans, and lend them support through his music and lyricism.

From his very first single titled ‘Here We Go’, which was a manifestation of his depression and desire to end his life, to his latest release – Quanum888 has grown as an artist and has adopted a remarkable work ethic that has made him the artist he is today. He hopes to leave behind a legacy wherein his music becomes so successful that it demonstrates to every single child with a dream that in order to truly overcome all odds, one must look past obstacles and failures, and must continue to strive to be better than yesterday.

Go to to find out more about the artist and his discography. Feel free to reach out via the email address provided. ABOUT Quanum888 is an up and coming rapper and songwriter who is rapidly making waves in the hip hop industry. With his breathtaking lyricism and his relatable discography, Quanum888 aspires to be the artist people turn to when life is handing out lemons. He hopes to use his musical abilities to leave behind a positive mark on society.

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