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Rejuvenating Hope, Faith and Belief through Gospel and Rap Music: Rising Artist Jahovah Releases

Set to inspire and captivate listeners with his rich and dynamic musical compositions, seasoned artist Jahovah is driven to ignite light and hope

An up-and-coming singer and song writer, Jahovah is set to make his own position in the musical world, with his eclectic musical prowess, rooted in spirituality and soul-shaking originality.

On the right track to send ripples in the genres of Gospel and Hip Hop, the artist’s discography illuminates nice flows, eye-catching lyricism, and song writing, with the intention to shed light on the Truth. Having released on May 7th, 2021, the single has been produced by Nobleproductionz, and listeners are bound to feel the hard-hitting positivity and powerful messages, imbued within the genre. With a strong belief and understanding that he is the truest representation of the Heavenly Father, with the duty to bring Jesus to his New Heaven, Jahovah looks forward to making sure that his musical compositions stand out.

With this diligence and devoted sense of precision, the eclectic artist aims to underscore hardcore truths that strike all the right chords, and establish his own brand of Gospel, divorced from the mainstream Biblical training that he believes stray people away from the love of God.

“I am Heavenly Father influenced & I’m very passionate about the music I create, my motivation is my Holy Spirit and that I want to live a better and more enjoyable life,” says the rising artist regarding his new music.

Check out his newest release on his official music platforms and follow Jahovah on social media to remain up to date with all his compositions. Feel free to contact him through email for interviews, reviews, and collaborations for future work and shows.


A budding new face in the genre of Gospel and Hip Hop, Jahovah is more than just a singer and song writer. The seasoned and talented artist is making a difference in the musical world, by treading the path less taken. Considering himself the devoted follower that succeeds Jesus Christ, Jahovah is revitalizing the fabric of Gospel music. Inspired and influenced simply the glory of God, and by the many blessings that he has been endowed with, Jahovah is a fan of good music.

Through his newest release, the powerhouse aims to help those around him, and those in his circle of influence. With stirring singles such as “Heavenly Father”, Jahovah is following the goal of breaking records to become the richest person in history, just to let people know that he is empowered by the strength of his unbreakable faith.


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