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Releasing Brand New Hip Hop and Pop EP: Introducing to the World Dub

With the help of recent releases and outstanding compositions over a period of time, emerging artist Dub is bringing about a wave of change in the world of Hip Hop and Rap music

Chicago, Illinois – Rising artist Dub is a professional musician who has incredible expertise in various genres of music, with Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop being his main area of excellence. With the release of his brand new EP titled ‘Corporate Hustla’ on June 19th, 2021, Dub is hoping for his music to reach the masses, drawing attention to him as an artist in order to gain recognition and appreciation.

In addition to the new EP, a single titled “Boss Shit” was also released on YouTube on June 18th, 2021. The single features legendary artist D’Kno Mr.KnoltAll, and has gained significant amount of recognition so far. Dub works on his music all by himself, from the writing process to getting down to recording and production. ‘Corporate Hustla’ is written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by him all alone. He also shoots and edits all his music videos. He is not just an artist but a one man record label, making music from scratch all independently.

This quality is what makes Dub extremely unique and creative as an artist. He’s also gifted with the ability of coming up with creative metaphors and wordplays, which he combines with his unique sense of delivery and flow, ending up with a tune that would make any crowd move along to the rhythm. The lyrical style of his raps can be described as that of a conscious rapper while the delivery being of a party rapper, making up for a deadly combo.

The brand new EP ‘Corporate Hustla’ has been composed by Dub from scratch, perfected to the best of his abilities. It has been crafted in a way that would keep the energy up of the listeners. He wanted to create something that would be perfect for everyday life, and one can say he was successful in doing so. The reviews on the EP so far describe how the EP is great for working out, listening to in the car, events, and parties. Dub plans on releasing more music in the upcoming months. He has singles lined up to be released every few months, along with the completion of his official website and launch of his merchandise. He looks forward to doing more collaborations with legendary artists from the industry.


Born in Chicago’s Henry Horner Projects, and raised on Chicago’s North Side (North Pole), Dub is a songwriter, engineer, and videographer. He has been doing music for over 15 years, teaching himself how to record, mix, and master his own songs.

Son to a single mother, Dub was forced to teach himself how to become a man at an early age. His mom taught him great lessons. She told him “Due to living a life full of struggles, you’ve remained stronger than most and, therefore, are more equipped to succeed!”


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