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Rising AfroBeats and World Music Sensation Martins Luv Driven to Inspire and Enthrall Listeners

Denoted by powerful vocal spirit and electric lyricism, Martins Luv’s Stirring New Single “FIGHT FOR LOVE” is a moving and memorable track, paving the way forward for the budding powerhouse in the dynamic world of Afro Pop and World Music.

Los Angeles, California – Fully encapsulating the senses of listeners, with rich and mesmerizing musical compositions, budding singer and artist, Martins Luv is bound to become today’s powerful new icon in the music industry. Stunning listeners with multi-genre compositions, from Afro Pop to Reggae and World, the eclectic artist stays true to his roots, while continually amazing listeners with empowering musical compositions. Having previously established his break into the industry with the expressive and moving singles, “Diana” and “Mad OO”, dynamic artist Martins Luv is now looking forward to winning hearts with his multi-faceted new single, “FIGHT FOR LOVE”.

Presented proudly through Sufferings and Offerings Music, “FIGHT FOR LOVE” is a refreshing and enthralling new musical composition by the budding artist, soon to grow into a Hit Single. Swiftly rising the ranks in the music industry, Martins Luv remains diligently motivated to craft music that is for the soul, with Afro-Pop rhythms and beats fully immersing listeners in a magnetic new dimension.

The Reggae sensation’s new single talks about the tough dynamics of fighting for something you love, expressed beautifully through beats and lyricism. “FIGHT FOR LOVE” covers relatable sentiments and feelings, while following the artist’s wider thematic inspiration- following one’s journey and dreams.

“[the single is] a mixture of emotions and expressions that can be best described by the force of music itself,” says Martins Luv regarding his rich musical compositions.

Listen/ Download/ Stream Martins Luv’s fresh new music on all his official music streaming platforms and follow his journey on social media to stay up to date with each new release. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to contact him through email.


Rising to become the contemporary face of the dynamic and diverse world of World Music and Afro Pop, Martins Luv is a set to make a name for himself. Having already received multiple well-deserved accolades, the dedicated and diligent artist is inspired to become the industry’s next top Afro Music star. Asking only a chance to be heard, the soulful artist hopes to reinvent the genre, with his memorable beats and rhythms embedded within lyricism which is relatable and song writing which pierces through the soul. Boasting a diverse discography, with singles such as “Diana” and “Mad OO”, Martins Luv is currently looking forward to sending waves with his new track “FIGHT FOR LOVE”.


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