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Rising Alabama Artist TDK Drops a Hit New Video Single: 'Set A Blaze'

Staying consistent by ending 2022 in a major way, The Dope Keeper sets the industry on fire with his latest video

The Dope Keeper, also known as TDK, is a rising independent Hip-Hop artist with multiple bangers and hits in his music catalog. Recently he released a new video single titled 'Set A Blaze,' which is getting a lot of attention from listeners worldwide on social media. TDK ends the year correctly by blessing his fans with new music, with more music to come in 2023.

In the latest video release, 'Set A Blaze,' TDK reminds us why he is more than an artist but also a visionary with a distinctive rap cadence, flow, and relatable street lyrics that get fans engaged more. The single is by far one of TDK's biggest hits since 'Automatic' and 'Rollin.' The upcoming Alabama star is most definitely one of a kind and has a delivery like no other.

In addition, he connects with fans on another level by putting his life experiences into music which helps him to express what's going on in his world. See what everyone is talking about and watch the new video single, 'Set A Blaze,' on #YouTube.




TDK - TriizzyDaKidd


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