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Rising Country Rapper 6B.Low has Brought Something Different to the Table with his Single

The single, titled ‘Friday Nite’, is a triumph in the sphere of hip hop music

SAINT MARYS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2022 – When any up and coming singer and songwriter starts off their journey in the sphere of music, they are met with a multitude of challenges, a prominent one being determining how to stand apart from the crowd. Rising Country Rapper Brandon Mullins, who prefers to go by his stage name 6B.Low, is rapidly making a come up in the industry after creating the song that is sure to set him apart from the crowd.

Brandon ‘6B.Low’ Mullins has announced the release of his freshest single yet – ‘Friday Nite’, scheduled to be made available to audiences online on all streaming platforms on June 10th, 2022. The song is produced by West 10’s Pa Pa Fresh, and it is one of the most compelling and passionate pieces of music especially in the sphere of Country Rap music to come out in recent years. What makes the song even more special is the fact that 6B.Low is still up and coming as an artist – his brilliance in the song is why people continue to identify him as the next big thing in Country Rap.

With the song, 6B.Low is aspiring to shine a new light on country rap music, an oft-ignored genre that holds unimaginable potential. He is doing this by bringing in a deep Memphis rap sound with the help of Pa Pa Fresh, and mixing it with uplifting and catchy hooks to create a vibe that is inescapable. As an artist who understands the immense social responsibility on him and his platform, 6B.Low is fuelled to create music that serves a cathartic purpose in the lives of his fans, helping them move away from their depression, into a brighter light with uptempo and happy music.

Go to to find out more about the artist, and feel free to follow him on social media platforms via the many handles provided down below. For interviews and collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist on the email address provided down below.


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