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Rising Hip Hop and R&B Powerhouse: Presenting to the World Dicee - #HHOE

With rich and uniquely striking musical compositions, Dicee is producing stunning musical compositions which enlighten, inspire, and provide soulful musical beats to groove along to

Brooklyn, NY – January 27th, 2021 – Upcoming sensation Dicee only recently dropped his independently created and produced mixtape titled “genocide” in November 2020- a record which has already amassed more than 50,000 views and was created by an independent artist. Titled “genocide” because Dicee wanted to highlight the grave intensity and alarm which is raised by this term. The tracks on the mixtape enlighten the differences and separation in today’s world which create mass discord, strife and divisions between people especially under the administration of former U.S President Donald Trump.

Dicee was intent on creating a mixtape that is free vocally and one that highlights key problems perpetuated and created by the Trump administration, while shedding light on all of the social injustices that have been plaguing US and the world for so long. With his tape, Dicee is intending to use music and media as a platform for people to hear his story and that of various other artists who have collaborated on his mixtape, so people can hear them as well as the stories they want to divulge. Listeners of Dicee’s music will be able to splendidly admire and appreciate the rich and authentic vibe it exudes and conscious material complemented by soulful R&B sounds. The upcoming artist is driven by the motivation of knowing that he is leaving a mark on this world for someone to see and hear so they know they can pay attention to and hopefully see a blueprint of doing better.

Dicee is driven by the goal of either finding an established label or a manager that sees all the work he puts in on his own, so that there is someone who can invest in him or help him materialize his plans. He believes he might also be open to starting up an agency or a company that helps talented individuals get the right information and tips so they won’t make the same mistakes he made as a younger singer.


Up-and-coming powerhouse Dicee has only recently released a mixtape titled “genocide” on and he is intent on making the world listen to his messages and key ideas he wants to impart using music. Dicee has also modelled for major multinational brands such as Persol, Nike, Puma, Under Armour etc.

An artist from Brooklyn, New York, Dicee believes he is living the perfect American dream, after years of struggling through the trials and tribulations of being a minority. He believes with his own sacrifices he is making sure people understand what it is like to be a minority artist and wishes for a world where there will be greater tolerance and acceptance for all.

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