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Rising Rapper NoPlayDJ Delivers Another Hardcore Project: "Show No Mercy EP"

Georgia has been known for generating some of the best new talents in the rap genre, and up-and-coming rapper NoPlayDJ is most definitely up next to blow with his recent EP release, "Show No Mercy"

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2022 – Waynesboro, Georgia, rising rap artist NoPlayDJ is making major noise with a solid independent hustle in 2022. Although he is known for his hardcore and powerful delivery, NoPlayDJ has put in significant work as an indie rapper by making his presents known by dropping an explosive new EP titled "Show No Mercy." With a work ethic and music like no other, he combines an aggressive style with complex flows followed by strong lyrics that create massive energy and vibes that separate him from most artists in the industry today. In addition, he continues to deliver quality tracks for his fanbase and new listeners. In his latest EP release, "Show No Mercy," NoPlayDJ shares his life experiences with his fans through his lens.

The "Show No Mercy EP" gives us raw and uncut realistic rap music infused with solid lyrics that pulls all listeners in regardless of demographics, location, race, or age. As a result, many fans, blogs, and industry executives say the latest EP is packed with hard-hitting tracks, memorable lines, and an excellent introduction for new fans to get familiar with the Waynesboro native music and lifestyle.

Stream "Who Gone Slide"

"Show No Mercy EP" was well worth the wait, placing it in the top 10 independent and underground albums released this year. The EP consists of 6 hard-hitting tracks that stand out a lot from most hip-hop played on the radio daily, with songs like "We Gone Slide" and "Put In Work." This EP is proven to be one of a kind and filled with electrifying music production and versatile verses and hooks.

The first single of the EP, "We Gone Slide," has gained national attention and awareness by driving more exposure towards the EP while rising daily. However, NoPlayDJ shows no sign of slowing down as he keeps up the pace. He is currently working on his next prominent single set to be released next month. So, stay locked in with NoPlayDJ and follow his journey as he prepares to become the next biggest star.

Stream "Show No Mercy EP" here:

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