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SNRK Drops Exclusive New Single "Wild Boy"

Snotty Nose Rez Kids have experienced a lot of highs and lows from 2019 until now. From releasing TRAPLINE, playing 100 shows in 2019, winning and receiving nominations for various awards, the guys were riding high until the pandemic hit. Plans for touring and an EP were derailed. As the end to live music restrictions came back in sight, SNRK feels invigorated.

The duo thrives off doing shows and their infectious live performances are what have drawn fans in from all over the world. With touring in sight, the duo wanted to present an album package that represents that energy and experience they get from performing live. The new single ‘“Wild Boy” explores the perception that others have of them.

"'Bukwus' is a term that comes from the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation. It translates into “Wild Man Of The Woods”. We’ve always had this idea to write a song inspired by supernatural stories from our culture. Bukwus was just fitting for this record. The word just kept coming to me so I took it as a sign. The song shows that even though we know exactly who we are, others who don’t fully understand us will still look at us different…like we’re still some wild boys. Men of the woods. Bukwus." - Young D

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