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"The Big 3" YWM Zay, YWM Lobe, YWM Flip Holds it Down For their City in Latest Video Release

Check out the latest music video from "The Big 3" YWM Zay, YWM Lobe, & YWM Flip now on YouTube

In a brand-new video release, upcoming rappers YWM Zay, YWM Lobe, & YWM Flip takes on the world. The song's self-explanatory title, "The Big 3," is an excellent strategy for up-and-coming musicians. YWM Clique didn't let us down; they are off to a great start, supported by their dependability and banging sound. YWM Zay, YWM Lobe, & YWM Flip make rapping appear effortless, from the beat to the flow, and each verse draws the listener in like a magnet.

It would be best if you kept an eye out for YWM in 2022 since they are unquestionably not your typical rappers. You can admire their talent in music and career after listening to "The Big 3."

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