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The Future of Alabama Hip-Hop: Up and Coming Artist TDK Drops Video, "What You Mad At?"

TDK & NHTORO's new music video attracts many new fans and a profitable future in their music career

The rising rapper's new video "What You Mad At?" captures a movement on the rise and brings a new vibe into the music industry. TDK never disappoints his listeners as he offers some of the best bars a person will hear in the south region of the United States. With solid lyrical content and punchlines, that will leave the listeners' music streaming application on repeat.

The new video release features a hard pounding 808 trap beat, "What You Mad At?" is undoubtedly a summer banger that will stun all listeners of all ages. Since the video's release, the track has caught the media's attention and reaction from Youtubers and bloggers, making "What You Mad At?" one of TDK's most highly rated singles.

TDK can be labeled one of the most slept-on in Alabama but remain on top by consistently dropping new music and videos when people least expected it. The latest release has generated new opportunities for the up-and-coming rapper, showing the spectators that he has what it takes to make it to the top of the pyramid.

With 2022 halfway in the review, TDK plans to drop more music and videos. TDK is known for putting the fans first by providing them with the most incredible music artists can provide. Witness the greatness and follow the journey of TDK on social media and music streaming platforms.

Watch the new release, 'What You Mad At?,' now on Youtube. Stream here:




TDK - TriizzyDaKidd


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