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Uncover Rich and Lush Discography With Futuristic Hip-Hop Artist Jay-M - #HHOE

The Miami rapper creates a reflective experience with his emotionally-rich lyricism and compositions

Masterful storytelling techniques, draped with introspective verses, refined and unforgettable melodies, and soaring rhythms create the sound of the upcoming rapper Jay-M

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Hip-Hop/Rap artist Jay-M released his latest album ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ in 2020, revealing his undeniable talent to the world and quickly gaining the attention old-school hip-hop devotees. The young artist has been producing music for over 10 years, experimenting with his sound, yet sticking to the classic techniques and elements involved in influential hip-hop.

Jay-M revealed that he draws inspiration from the craft of big names in the Hip-Hop industry, including Nas, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar amongst many others. His ultimate motivation and inspiration, however, remains his family and his drive to make a better life for himself.

Jay-M skillfully embroidered his compositions with a notable method of storytelling, crafting his complex thoughts into harmonious and vivid melodies that are an introspective delight for the listeners. His music is reminiscent of a pat on your back when you have fallen, or a hand on your shoulder when you think you can not go on, motivating his audience to push past the obstacles and stay steadfast on their mission.

Jay-M hopes to increase the exposure of more people to his music and message, creating an impact through kindness and unity. He believes in failure as a learning tool, staying consistent in his path and believing in his music, along with straying away from negative energy.

‘Til Death Do Us Part’ is now available on all major streaming platforms, with tracks you should look forward to including “Melanin Marilyn” featuring Marcus Miguel, “Cry Cry” and “Misery (Intro)”.


Steve A. Muir, known professionally as Jay-M, is rapper, singer-songwriter, and audio engineer from Kingston, Jamaica. Growing up in New York City, Jay-M was always surrounded by multicultural elements of music, which turned into his biggest inspirations when he started pursuing music. The rapper has been doing music for over 10 years now, integrating all that he has learned from his time in his city and from heavily influential hip-hop and dancehall artists of all time.

He would describe his sound as a profound mix of poetic R&B, dynamic and smooth Hip-Hop, with powerful hooks and verses that draw you in with each story they portray. Jay-M’s entire discography feels almost similar to observing art at a museum, framed with love and care, allowing you to feel the intensity of emotions on the first listen.

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