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Unveiling the Sound of "Weight": Lu Cin Chen's New EP

Lu Chin Chen follows up his acclaimed 2022 "NA Meeting" release with a dope new EP called "Weight".

"Weight" is filled with strong, hard hitting beats and equally hard battle like, nostalgia-laced verses. There is a consistent, cohesive sound in both the beats and subject matter of the verses. "Weight" has a 90's/ mid 2000’s feel to it which anyone who prefers that brand of hip-hop will fully appreciate.


FT of Street Smartz, Ruste Juxx, Solomon Childs, Tone Chop, Awful P, Stryke & Tha Soloist

Cuts by

Dystrakted & DJ TMB

Production by

Relentless the Tangible, Dilly Fingaz for NME/TRP Production, Tone Chop, Amen & Conflikt of Hellzwind, Sultan Mir, Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha & Fuzzy Ed!

Lu Chin Chen "Weight" EP Download & Streaming Links

Instagram @LuChinChen_lads_hbm X/Twitter @LuChinChen_1210 Facebook @LuChinChen Tiktok @luchinchen_official Youtube Lu Chin Chen TV

Andreas (Goon Promotion) eMail:

Instagram: @aprock_bloglove

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