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Up-and-Coming Rapper Blac Lou Caine Drops New Single

Through Cream Team Entertainment, eclectic artist Blac Lou Caine stuns listeners with his enriching musical prowess, set apart with his originality and flair.

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2021 - With the release of his new single titled “Today”, dynamic singer-songwriter Blac Lou Caine is driven to soar to new heights, establishing himself among the rising names of Rap. “Today” features the artist’s contemporary, 320 swoo, and has been gaining traction with each new day.

The exciting record showcases Blac Lou Caine’s song writing brilliance and striking ability to catapult original messages and themes through a beloved genre. The new single is complemented by a music video for the record, which has been directed by Blac Lou Caine himself.

Denoted by rich lyricism and memorable rhythms, “Today” presents listeners with a high energy and euphoric musical experience, which is set to get the club and radio air waves rocking to the rhythms. Having been released for listeners of Rap and Hip-Hop early December 2021, the exciting new single melds together Blac Lou Caine and his brother and labelmate, 320 swoo’s musical character.

Listeners are bound to feel a sense of a sense of relatability and motivation to find their own goals and stay true to them as well, despite any hurdles, obstructions or hindrances in life. Blac Lou Caine’s stirring musical compositions stand out because of his originality, weaving together words that paint pictures and the crucial messages he imparts soulfully.

“My goal is not only taking my music to the highest of highest but also [to become] established as an artist financially to provide for my family and further my label by expanding and introducing the world to new artist[s],” says Blac Lou Caine.

Stream and add “TODAY ft 320 swoo” to your playlists available on all music platforms.

Check out, download, and stream Blac Lou Caine’s previous and new music videos on his YouTube channel and subscribe for regular updates regarding new releases. Follow the artist on his social media and contact through email for interviews, collaborations, booking.


Blac Lou Caine is an up-and-coming name in the world of Hip Hop and Rap. Bringing with himself a message of optimism and positivity to light up people’s every day, the dynamic artist delivers a unique form of the genre.

Driven by a belief that if you do good you receive good and that you must always keep God first, the talented artist remains inspired by his kids and family, including his grandfather who introduced him to music. While living in New York, Blac Lou Caine was always surrounded by music- his father was a DJ and his grandfather encouraged him to explore the art of the guitar. In 2006, he fully made sense of music and became intrigued to follow his passion.

After moving to North Carolina, the artist then picked up my rap skills from the icons of 90’s Hip Hop, including Biggie smalls, wu-tang, Nas, Lox, Big L, Jay Z, and others. As an independent rapper and CEO of Cream Team Entertainment, Blac Lou Caine hopes to continue a formidable musical trajectory.


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