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Ushering in an Era of Redemption and Salvation – Rising Artist GOTHOLIC Enthrals and Mystifies

The scariest vocalist on the planet is back with a release that is bound to shake audiences to their core

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, APRIL 1, 2022 - In the world of gothic hip hop, nobody is making waves quite like GOTHOLIC, an up and coming singer and vocalist with a persona revolving around ancient catholic themes such as Illumination, Redemption, and the Covenant. GOTHOLIC believes that his fans are the Ancestral Congregation, the living and the dead – even the haunted. By revisiting themes that are inherently catholic and historical, GOTHOLIC has created a discography that prides on spiritual awareness and eternal love – which keep his fans coming back for more.

GOTHOLIC has always had a very straightforward vision from his music career. He always wanted to be known as the most horrifying entity on the planet, one who terrorises with his lyricism, in order to seek redemption, salvation, and eternal truth. With his vivid lyricism, he hopes to preach the blood of Christ and instill a desire in people to come back to God. The aim of the GOTHOLIC movement has also been to usher lost souls to Christ, so that they may attain eternal salvation. What makes his music unique is how true to character it is. In very gothic and demonic vocals, GOTHOLIC somehow manages to astound the audience, allowing them to be aware of the demons manifesting from sin whilst also protecting God’s innocent.

His latest album is his best one yet. Titled ‘PENTAGRAM OF POP (DOMINUS ILLUMINATIO)’, the album is a riveting success in terms of the quality of hip hop music, and the sensationally jarring imagery that lies at the heart of the album. In soulful but dark lyricism, shrouded among haunting vocals and bold instrumentals, GOTHOLIC manages to create an aura wherein listeners feel perpetually aware – of the battles of good vs evil, of choices, of eternal life, of souls and spirits, and of the Second coming of Christ.

Go to to buy his music and to be a part of the GOTHOLIC movement. Feel free to reach out to the artist for interviews and collaborations via the email address provided. Follow the artist on all sites and feel free to leave reviews!


GOTHOLIC is a covenant with God, an up and coming singer and songwriter who spreads the message of love and redemption in the midst of what he refers to as ‘Death culture’. GOTHOLIC was in the children’s choir throughout elementary, and was ready to take on the whole of America, but his voice cracked on his call-back audition.

For years, GOTHOLIC’s obsession with music grew, mostly Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Van Halen, King Diamond, Sopor Aeternus and Iron Maiden. He used to fall asleep with headphones and dreamt of creating a spiritual movement through music and his lyrics. It was Steve Counsel who created his first demo, titled ‘SEA OF GLASS’, which later turned into ‘ZYRA “WINGS OF FLESH”’ based off the novel he wrote, which explains the origin of GOTHOLIC, titled ‘WINGS OF FLESH: EXPEL YOUR DEMONS ENJOY THE FLIGHT’; also turned into the feature screen-play, WINGS OF FLESH: GOTHOLIC WARFARE. Slowly but surely, GOTHOLIC started creating a name for himself within the industry and he learned everything he could about entertainment from writer and director Zalman King. GOTHOLIC is classically trained under the vocal direction of Kelle Rhoads (Randy Rhoads Brother) @ Musonia School of Music. His efforts and vision have manifested themselves in the brilliant hip hop album titled ‘PENTAGRAM OF POP (DOMINUS ILLUMINATIO)’, which is out on all streaming platforms.


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