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VA-Based Rapper ACM Juice Releases Highly-Anticipated Music Video: “This Is God”

Photo Credit: Jordan Brent

Changing the tempo of the hip-hop industry, rising rap artist ACM Juice is setting the bar high

In his latest social media viral video, ACM Juice discusses spending $15k on Zaytoven Beats. His come-up is accurate, and undoubtedly on his way to the top and full speed ahead until he reaches the top-tier level of the rap game.

The Virginia-based rapper is known for his elegant street rap style, which sheds light on his life experience through music. Many say his music is relatable and attracts listeners with similar experiences. ACM Juice's journey in music has been the highlight of his career, dropping new videos and music like "This Is God," featuring up-and-coming rapper Breeze Baker, which he released on his birthday, surprising his fans on Instagram. In 2022, he has been on go mode, releasing bangers after banger with songs like "Chain Like This." Every new single release, ACM Juice displays some of his most remarkable work, and still to this day, he is consistently creating music and progressing by the day.

In the new video release, "This Is God," ACM Juice & Breeze Baker share their lifestyle with the listeners over a hard classic trap beat by super producer FOREVEROLLING. The new video is catching a lot of attention and making a lot of noise on Instagram, making ACM Juice one of the fastest independent rising rappers in hip-hop with no deal. "This Is God" reflects the type of artist the VA-based rapper represents as he continues to make music for the actual street hustlers.

ACM Juice's new visual is steadily increasing in numbers and gaining worldwide exposure as fans embrace for the next wave. Stay updated with ACM Juice's following on social media and streaming platforms.

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