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‘What Do You Mean [WDYM]’ by Brilliant American Musician Chad B is the Ultimate Hip Hop Banger

Chad B exceeds his own artistic standards with his latest hip hop number ‘what do you mean [WDYM]’ in terms of incredible rhythm and inimitable rhyming.

Oct 30, 2020 ( – American hip hop artist Chadd Barnes, mostly known as Chad B by his fans, has dished out another jaw-dropping banger called what do you mean [WDYM], joining forces with fellow rapper Trell. The track is written by the artist himself portraying his extraordinary storytelling methods. The menacing vocal performance by both the artists reverberates alongside the hypnotic melodic course of the track. Engulfed by their exuberant passion and high level of energy, the entire ambiance of the production finds a new meaning imparting vibrant positivity.

The brilliant performer has become quite a sensation in his home town Studio City in Los Angeles. Wishing to widen his spectrum to reach the global audience, the bold musician has taken upon a more universal approach to his music embedding versatile elements and diverse hip hop styles from all over the globe forming a stronger and wider fanbase. The innovative and methodical rhythmic patterns and rhyming styles have gained him a position among the elites of the mainstream music industry.

Signed to the production house NO KUTT APPAREL, Chad B has shown exceptional progress improving his already irresistible creative artistry and vocal treatment. His latest masterpiece what do you mean [WDYM]‘ featuring Trell presents a poised outcome of the artists’ verbal production letting the fans feast on their flavorful delicacies. Armed with his soulfully penetrating vocal style, he amplifies the lyrical impact of this track as well as others like ‘Give Me Your Love’, ‘Money Bag’, ‘Mafia’, ‘BACK OF THE BACH’, and more. Follow him on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram for more.

To enjoy the track ‘what do you mean [WDYM]’, click the given below link :

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Source: Chad B This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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