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When is it the Right Time to Get a Music Manager?

Many musicians ask when is the right time to get a manager for career progression?

Well, it's a high percentage question many musicians ask themselves or research. But don't worry; it's plenty of time to grab your first manager to help you along the way. First, let's talk about some qualities of a manager and what their jobs consist of when they work for you.

A music manager is someone who guides and helps the musician to reach and achieve goals. It pretty much wraps it up in one definition, but let's elaborate on the details. When choosing a manager, you are looking for three different types or one manager who can handle all of the tasks:

The first manager is an individual or a personal manager who works beside the artist to help them work on their career path, musical arrangements such as studio time and collaborations, and accomplish goals on time.

The second type of manager would be a road manager. A road manager takes care of anything dealing with traveling-related work, such as scheduling concerts and shows, meet and greets, and trip scheduling and verifying transportation.

The third manager will be a good candidate for handling finances, money and managing budgets, verifying contracts, and any business-related agreements and documents. Some music executes say they are business managers or the artist lawyer.

Now we have to make a decision. What would be the outcome if I only chose one type of manager. Well, you can see possible miss out on essential opportunities like music placement, features, sponsored touring, and guest appearances, to name a few. So, it's very vital to get all three to expand the brand while getting the bag.

The next big question is how much a manager costs, or do I have to pay them? With over 600K music managers in the recording industry, most take the standard management fee of 15 to 20 percent of the artist's income or earnings, such as advances from labels, endorsements, albums, and single revenue, concert, and show money. Some managers may take a salary depending on the artist's finances and budget. But as we all know, managers are different and have a unique way of getting the job done.

After all, it would be best if you looked to your manager to get you the best exposure by talking with public relations, media outlets, podcasts, and brands looking to collaborate to spread awareness. It will open the artist's career for significant opportunities while creating stability and building a foundation in the music world.

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