Emerging Dallas Hip-Hop Artist Jaylin “Jay Kid” Williams

If you haven’t yet heard of Jaylin “Jay Kid” Williams, now’s the time to pay attention. There’s a new rapper on the Dallas scene. Except…he isn’t new. If you haven’t yet heard of Jaylin “Jay Kid” Williams, now’s the time to pay attention. Jaylin isn’t your typical rapper. At the tender age of fourteen, he began writing Christian rap lyrics and performing at churches across the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, as well as clubs and even the Dallas House of Blues. It wasn’t an easy road. Jaylin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just twenty- three months old. After rushing him to Children’s Medical Center here in Dallas, his parents learned that his blood sugar levels were over one hundred times

Chicago Native Since9ine6ix Brings Hip Hop and Lyricism to Life with New Album, 'Blessed'

The hip-hop ‘lyricist genius’ is receiving major buzz from fans everywhere since dropping his highly anticipated 2019 new album! Nationwide — Since9ine6ix, formerly known as Sincerely Yours drops his dope new album, ‘Blessed’ and music critics everywhere are on board with the smooth, flowing verses and hip-hop mixed beats. Since9ine6ix brings hip-hop and lyricism to life. He is a popular hip-hop artist hailing from the city of Oak Park, Illinois by way of Chicago. With a focus on the traditional elements of hip hop such as an emphasis on pure lyricism and raw substance mirroring life’s trials and tribulations, Since9ine6ix, is an artist that speaks for and to everyday people. Influenced by a

Interview: Founder of Hip Hop Dose Barion McQueen

We had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of Hip Hop Dose to talk everything, business and music. HHD: How did you get involved in creating Hip Hop Dose? BM: I retired from music at age 30 and when I moved to Florida there were no real outlets to showcase new artist. I wanted to manage an artist of my own, but I wanted to provide a platform to showcase that artist. So I created Hip Hop Dose and start building the platform. HHD: How many different businesses do you own? BM: Honestly I am always creating. They always say every millionaire has seven (7) streams of income. I own a digital marketing company “The Brand Castle”, I am a real estate agent, a real estate investor, public not

BigBob & Lee Ricks Releases New Single "I Know"

I KNOW is the latest track off the bold project Beats for Breakfast from BIGBOB & LEE RICKS. Lee Ricks shows off his calculated song writing abilities continuously through out this EP, I KNOW is no exception. LR takes us on a lyrical journey of his story, passionately weaving it with street articulation and intelligent formulation of his words into a rhythmic flow. Overlaying with dramatic sounds by visionary producer BigBob, the mood conveys the gritty elements to the reality of life LR is the champion of. Listen / Buy https://beatsforbreakfast.bandcamp.com/track/i-know-feat-ldonthecut or https://www.elitesoundinternational.com/shop #BigBob #LeeRicks #IKnow #TorontoHipHop

Chase Fetti Talks New Jersey Hip Hop, His Sound & 2020

The post Chase Fetti Talks New Jersey Hip Hop, Cruch Calhoun & 2020 appeared first on IndieHipHop.com. Chase Fetti is a promising new artist coming out of New Jersey. Eager to follow a recent amazing Hip Hop run (Fetty Wap, Tsu Surf) with his own success. Fetti sits down with us to discuss his immediate plans, current viral popularity and New Jersey’s impactful sound. Learn more about Chase Fetti below. Were you the only rapper from your people growing up or were there others? Nah, it was a couple of us, I’m just the one who put my self in position to lead the pack. You have a song coming up with Cruch Calhoun, can you talk on that? Cruch my guy, met son when we were kids, like back in ’03

Los Angeles producer, Channel Tres is demonstrating how deep house and hip hop make a good mix

With the release of his new Black Moses EP, west coast producer Channel Tres has been making the case for bringing hip hop and deep house together. For a long time these genre’s have been at opposite ends of the music spectrum. Like country music and reggaeton. Or moombahton and classical (does anybody even listen to moombahton anymore? Is that still a thing?). Channel Tres has changed all that however. He’s put hip hop and deep house together like butter on toast — an idea that many other musicians from both genres would agree with. His music is applauded by hip hop artists like Tyler, The Creator, and Childish Gambino but also by electronic producers like Toro y Moi, Anderson Paak and Disc

BigBob & Lee Ricks Releases New Single "Deep Thoughts"

"Deep Thoughts" is a lyrical exploration and reflection of our shadow self. Lee Ricks contends with the intense and vivid imagery of his inner thoughts focusing on strong word play and semantics balanced with an imaginative flow and aptitude. True North Legacy rhyme partner, D.O.V’s portrayal of ephemerality examines our self-awareness with a distinct word play unique to his life experiences. Former Platinum Def Jam reggae/rap artist Kali Ranks crafts a soulful and catchy hook, simple and easily memorable. Kali Ranks’ Afimi Music Label mate, Stephanie Adler softens the hook with her smooth and sultry vocal ads. BigBob’s creativity flies high with positively charged melodies creating a deeper

Nardean Returns With Spellbinding New Single ‘MAGIC!’

Egyptian-Australian artist Nardean returns with a new spellbinding single ‘MAGIC!’ featuring Heirloome. Produced by Stackhat, ‘MAGIC!’ sees Nardean effortlessly blend infectious life- affirming lyrics and bouncy, golden-era beats to forge her very own brand of unapologetic positivity. “I’ve coined a new term,” says Nardean. “I think my brand is coolked. It’s the perfect balance of cool and cooked.” “I have been focusing more on music for live shows,” says Nardean, “and I really wanted to write some cute and feel good tracks for this record. Having a crowd of people yell the word ‘magic’ really loudly at a show is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced in my life.” The track w

KNOE Pursues Answers In His Soul-Searching EP ‘Reasons’

In a world increasingly designed to evade the perpetual search for answers, Perth rapper KNOE asks all the unsparing questions in his latest EP ‘Reasons’, an artistic journey of inquiry littered with figments of passion, anxiety, love, and realisations. Inspired by the dusty vinyl crackle and swingy drums, KNOE paints picturesque, and sometimes shocking imagery of anxiety, love, crime, and the polarising thoughts of an independent artist in a world pressured by consumerism and money. Of the EP KNOE says, “Every song stands alone as its own thing. But they all point to one overarching theme, the reasons behind action, and the common questions of life - What is the reason for doing what we do

BigBob and Ruste Juxx return with UNDERSTAND

BigBob and Ruste Juxx return with UNDERSTAND, a radical track from the forthcomingalbum CULTURALLY RICH. Ruste Juxx does what he does best: spit out the dopest rhymes that this hip hop culture needs to hear. You will not hear him rap about hyper capitalism, misogyny or drug use. He intently uses his lyrical skills and platform to hype up a generation lost, hungry for a change and revolution. Visionary producer BigBob gives RJ the perfect boombap soundscape to articulate his rejection to an interlocking system build to oppress and marginalize humanity. BigBob "Understand" ft Ruste Juxx Prod. by BigBob This video is from the forthcoming Ruste Juxx album "Culturally Rich" set to release Decembe

Needham Proves He’s Here To Stay With Visuals For Addictive New Single ‘BOUT IT’

Among the talent of Western Sydney’s uprising hip hop culture comes a young rapper named Needham, fresh as he is authentic. Continuing the momentum built from the success of his last few releases, Needham returns with an unapologetically addictive new single called ‘Bout It’. Over a celestial ambience embellished with dystopian beats and cutthroat lyrics, ‘Bout It’ is a matter-of-fact account of Needham’s observations on the Hip Hop scene and the people in his life. On the single Needham said, “Throughout my life I’ve met a lot of people who say one thing and do another, promise the world but never follow through. This was my chance to call them out and also telling myself and my crew th