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28. & The Blind Monkey's New Album Listen To Your Art...LP Due Out September 16

ATLANTA, GA, September 15, 2022 – One month after the release of their EP AIRTIME, 28.&.The.Blind.Monkey will release a full-length album on September 16 entitled Listen To Your Art...LP.

Simon Turcotte (28.) and Sebastian Roy (The.Blind.Monkey) have been prolifically creative of late, with the release of their EP AIRTIME last month, the single "Stay Low" and various projects that appeared earlier this year. This fall, they will be releasing their second album under their own label I-Rise Records (2019), which has already supported more than a dozen artists from Quebec City (Bad Soya, La Fièvre). Their debut album The Blow Out, consisting of 22 songs, had seen the light of day in spring 2020.

Listen To Your Art...LP is a follow up to their last two EPs Listen To Your Art and AIR TIME, combining several previously released tracks, in which the band touches on a number of experiences artists commonly face such as mental health, depression, ambition and acceptance. The album sports vintage hip-hop, RnB and avant-garde influences.

The project's composition and production was challenging and emotional. Several artists close to the group offered them valuable support that informed a unique body of work never before seen in the province of Quebec. The group's objective is to show the world the true value of Quebec hip-hop.

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