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Chubs & Machacha Drops The First Single, 'Liquid Death' from their Upcoming Album 'Plenty Pressure'

Goon MuSick presents Chubs & Machacha - Plenty Pressure Album out 16th of June

First single Liquid Death is smacking right in your face. Brutal rhymes on a dark and gritty instrumental.

Chubs from New York got a lot of hype in the underground scene and rides with Ill Bill & Lord Goat from Nonphixion for a reason.

Plenty Pressure is available on limited Vinyl via GoonsGear Preorder starting on Saturday 27th of May.

Stream Chubs & Machacha "Liquid Death"

Stream "Liquid Death" on Spotify

Chubs & Machacha "Plenty Pressure" Vinyl & Merchandise Preorder

Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Musick PR)

Instagram: @aprock_bloglove

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