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From the 6ix Rapper NUE Surfs the Beat on Slick Video for Sticky Banger "Wallflower"

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

You could say that Toronto rapper and singer Nue has an underground sensibility with global accessibility. He’s smashing up parameters but writing some of the catchiest songs you will hear this year. “It’s exciting to be putting out music because I went in a whole direction I’d never gone in before,” Nue says. “It was a process that I started during Covid, where I thought I had to have different sounding music. My producer Modmaxx sent me some real guitar loops, and I made a song that didn’t have drums on it, more of a punk vibe. It was out of my pocket from what I usually do and spurred the whole project.”

That song, the electro-chaotic rock-rap plea “Wallflower,” serves as the latest single from Nue’s full-length Playground album. “Wallflower” hears Nue express things in a certain way that was new to him, having never made any form of rock music or alternative – whatever you want to call it.

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Having always felt an attraction to the future and experimenting with industrial sounds in rap, Nue takes a step back on Playground to do something more traditional with rock sounds. Displayed in the cover art is a child in a sandbox in an abandoned city to parallel u met me at a strange time’s artwork of the city burning. A representation of rebirth and rebuilding – that’s how Nue approached this project in every aspect.


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