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Kazi A Releases A Heart-Felt Single That Shines A Light On Discrimination ‘Galileo’

Kazi A releases a heart-felt politically charged single, ‘Galileo,’ a track that highlights the

discrimination sometimes faced by the Muslim community in Australia.

Within the single, Kazi demonstrates his strength as a rapper, clever lyricism and

unorthodox rhyming patterns with a passion. ‘Galileo’, is an honest, tell-tale story that

unifies and represents the rapper’s ancestry.

The captivating single is accompanied by visuals directed and edited by Keelan Judge.

Within the video, the powerful visuals of a fight breaking out between a racist individual

against a Bangladeshi brother and sister. As the video unfolds, it represents a harsh reality

for some. The idea of the video is to remind the world that love and forgiveness trumps


"The purpose of this video was not to attack any race or religion. It is to show that

forgiveness and love can be found in the hearts of people who discriminate, and also in

the hearts of those facing discriminations,” said Kazi A.

The following events from the video showcase everyday trauma that can be felt within the

Muslim community, Kazi goes on to say, “There is no bias in this video as it shows

frustration coming from the ethnic brother played by actor Aj Haider from news and social

media as well making him defend with violence. Another encounter was made at the end

of the video, where the changed racist person picks up the sister's wallet showing

willingness in both their hearts to accept,”

The single was inspired by fear that is spread by politicians and mainstream media. The

term ‘Galileo’ is a metaphor for the artists’ frustration with current and past leadership. “It seems like our leaders are not capable of change and play the blame game on

important topics, like when Australian leaders single out non-Western immigrants as a

problem. They use the fear for political gain rather than solving problems the right way and

protecting others. ‘Galileo’ was known for his observations with a telescope, as the

father of observational astronomy and I’m saying the leadership is lacking on Earth we

need a telescope to find a capable leader in outer space.”

Having peppered music over the last years, Kazi has been in the hip hop scene

since 2000s’. Born in Bangladesh Kazi was raised by his grandmother. With a unique

upbringing, he captures the audience with the art of story telling through rap and

poetry.The rapper started writing at the age of 14-years-old and his biggest inspirations are

Tupac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, NWA and Immortal Technique. His latest album

‘Trappelation’ received love from taste-makers across the globe.

WATCH the video here.

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