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Kee Valid Highlights His Inspirations in a Richly Narrated Full-Length Album “Shauny”

With a new music video on the way, Kee Valid is giving fans relatable music with lyrics and beats that keep them coming back for more.

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 - Kee Valid’s new album “Shauny” further adds to the fabric of experience his already released songs provide. The new tracks deliberately have high energy trap beats infused with jarring lyricism, creating an aura of versatility and a memorable hip hop experience the mainstream genre often lacks.

The artist’s upcoming music video is no short of the diamond sharp standard already set by the songs within the album. Revolving around ear-catching melodies and rhythms, the album is built on the foundation of raw, mature, and triumphing production. Such a record is hard to forget but easy listen and come back to, for yet another listen- finding undiscovered facets at each new listen.

“Shauny” structures itself with 10 tracks by himself that speak for themselves at first but form a collective narrative towards the end. The refreshing and lively new album relaxes listeners desperate for an escape from the issues evolving around the world today, providing a blend of bars and an aura of chill in the record’s heavy production that only hip hop giants can perfect.

The Hartford, Connecticut-based artist’s newest release, “Shawny” invites listeners to take themselves on a unique journey of admirable hustle and daunting barriers which he wishes to sprint over.

Visit Kee Valid’s website to check out, download, and buy his music. Follow the artist on social media to keep track of new releases, and feel free to contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


Kee Valid is a rising, independent artist and songwriter from Hartford, Connecticut. A talented force in the world of Hip Hop, the artist focuses on expressing his life’s burdens through his rich and thoughtful music. Having drawn inspiration from artists like Drake, Kee Valid is ecstatic to pursue live performances in the future, taking over the musical world, one step at a time.

The move from the artist to grow his record label, Kee Valid Records, makes sense, given the artist’s defining principle of aiming higher. He wishes to have newer artists under his belt and maneuver them into the glittering front of Hip Hop, with an aim of unveiling meaningful musical compositions to the world. The seasoned artist continues to aim higher with his record label, one he wishes to expand and grow, as he follows his musical trajectory.


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