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Rapper & Social Advocate TJ Wit The Scar Releases New Single Featuring The Game “2wo X’s”

Los Angeles, CA, October 13, 2021 - The city of Compton is doubling up the wins on "2wo X's," the new single from TJ wit the Scar featuring The Game.

The fun is evident when the song starts, flipping a classic west coast sound with a modern twist. With the chill vibe fully established, TJ comes in with a smooth verse and bars that coast to the chorus.

Fellow Compton vet The Game delivers too, lacing the joint with his signature seamless flow. The two MCs have spent years putting in work, and it shows on "2wo X's," with each showcasing a charisma that only comes to those cut from Compton's cloth.

It's the lead single from the soundtrack to TJ's upcoming documentary feature "Is Child Support Fraud?" The issue is an important one to TJ and many members of the community. You can listen to the new single below.

TJ wit the Scar feat. The Game (Audio)

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