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Risen Baltimore Rapper JV Drops A New Single "Phone"

Up and coming artist JV is representing #BaltimoreNewWave of Hip-Hop artist in his latest single release

JV is an upcoming artist from Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore emerging artist has been genuinely making his name known in the music industry while representing #BaltimoreNewWave. JV continues to generate high-quality music for his fanbase. With fair numbers of listeners and great streaming numbers on digital music platforms, JV is undoubtedly on the rise to becoming one of Maryland's top rap artists.

JV's recent release, "Phone," is an awesome vibe with hard-hitting hip-hop instrumental that will rattle your trunk. JV music is one of a kind that stands out from other artists. His catchy delivery and sound always grabs the listener's attention and paint a picture. JV raps from his experience but always keeps the music creation authentic with hot verses and sound.

The new single "Phone" is a sneak peek from JV's upcoming mixtape "Name Buzin." The mixtape will include banging tracks, solid beats, and all mixed and mastered JV himself. This mixtape will showcase JV's versatility, work ethic, and drive.

The Spotlight is starting to gravitate towards him; the young rapper focuses on accomplishing his goals by letting nothing stand his way—everyone tunes in to greatness in the making.

"Phone" is now available in all digital music stores and streaming platforms.

Preview JV New Single "Phone"

Social Links:

Instagram: @CryptoJovanni

"Name Buzzing" tracklist:

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