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Rising Band BankFlow Family Unveils New Album - #HHOE

With a unique and enriching vibe, budding musical group BankFlow Family are set to motivate listeners, melding together Old-School and New-School Hip Hop

Taking the dynamic, varied, and fast-paced world of Hip Hop and R&B by storm, up-and-coming band BankFlow Family are on the right track to soar. With a rich and characteristic R&B vibe, the group is changing the landscape of the genre, infusing catchy Hip Hop music with a nostalgic allure. The group believes that their main aim is to recapture and memorialize the authentic feel and style of Old-School R&B music, while also continuing to stay abreast with novel New-School beats.

With the release of their stunning new album, aptly titled “Music Reborn”, the group breathes life into a musical collection, which can best be described as a crossroads between familiar favorites and experimental genius. Describing their work as something which everyone can enjoy, BankFlow Family are confident that their new string of singles will hit the right chords for listeners. Having released on May 17th, 2021, “Music Reborn” features the stirring vocal prowess of rapper Karizmatik, complemented by rapper and song writer T Law and singer-songwriter Unique Soul.

With hip and memorable tracks, the album will also showcase brilliant collaborative features, including one by budding R&B and Gospel icons Sisters of Element. Encompassing a myriad of perspectives, the album fully voices the diverse rhythmic styles and sensibilities of the eclectic band members, seamlessly complementing each other.

“Listeners will feel motivated and inspired after listening to this album. It reaches multiple generations of hip-hop and R&B,” says the group regarding their new release.

Check out BankFlow Family’s new music and learn more about him on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.


A talented group which is inspired to experiment, evolve, and recapture nostalgic and novel Hip Hop styles- BankFlow Family are a talented collective. The stirring band consists of rapper Karizmatik, singer and songwriter Unique Soul, and rapper and songwriter T Law. Karizmatik has been writing and rapping since the age of 15. Motivated by his peers who were prolific rappers, Karizmatik decided to take a leap and followed his heart with music. T Law started out singing and performing at his church at the young age of 12.

The budding artist began by playing the keyboard and recorded songs on a tape deck. Similarly, Unique Soul began her voyage into music by writing stories, poetry, and songs at the age of 10, while also acting in school plays. Together, the band forms a formidable force in the riveting world of Rap and R&B, empowered under the banner of BankFlow Family.


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