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Tiffany Blade Hit Single “Mobb Music” Takes You Into Her World

Straight from the Motor City, rapper Tiffany Blade’s raw and emotional sound echoes across the airwaves. Her hit singles, “Mobb Music,” takes you into Tiffany’s world of music.

“Mobb Music” features unique, lyrical storytelling matched by hardcore rap sounds. Tiffany’s powerful voice resonates with listeners. Tiffany’s voice and look shifts from raw sex appeal to soft in moments. At the center of Tiffany’s music and brand is a powerful female artist, showing the males in the industry how it’s done.

Tiffany has been making music since 2005 with legendary Detroit rap Group Street Lordz. She is the niece of the late great Blade Icewood, so music is in her DNA. Tiffany is also a writer, executive producer, and CEO. Tiffany has worked her way to the top and is one of a kind in the music industry. Check out her music and videos today.

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