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Up and Coming Artists KenzieWorld & NHTORO Drops A New Visual 'Blow'

Rising Alabama Rappers KenzieWorld & NHTORO new video and single has the streets on fire and stunning fans worldwide

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2021 - Dropping a new banging single, KenzieWorld & NHTORO are blazing the music industry without a major record deal while making their presence known in the hip-hop world. The two Alabama rap artists definitely got the southern region of the US on lock. As we all know, KenzieWorld's music is timeless and mainly related to the streets. With the new release of 'BLOW,' KenzieWorld & NHTORO will be sure to make their mark in the Hip-Hop industry.

The Alabama representatives continue to create a brand that stands out from most while releasing new music to the masses. The new music video "Blow" displays KenzieWorld & NHTORO's rap skills as they make it known they're here to stay. However, listeners and fans are saying the new single and video is a good look for KenzieWorld's and could be his most complex releases of 2021. Nevertheless, the outcome has the fans going crazy nationwide and keeping the new street banger on repeat.

The new music video places respect on the career of the rising rappers. As they make their way to the top, KenzieWorld & NHTORO continues to generate music for their fans and expand their brand. So follow and stay tuned into KenzieWorld as he makes his way to the top of the food chain.

Stream the new music video "BLOW" here:

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