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Rising Alabama Rap Artists TDK & NHTORO Drops New Exclusive Video 'Automatic'

Staying consistent while making their way to the top, TDK & NHTORO is setting the record straight in the new visual 'Automatic'

TDK & NHTORO is building a brand like no other as they continue to bring the heat in the fourth quarter of 2021. Straight off the latest release of 'What You Mad For' the Alabama duo is back with another blazing street single. Broadcasting some of the most extraordinary talents in the southern region of the United States, TDK & NHTORO are sending waves through the industry with a unique rap flow and aggressive sound in their new single and video titled, 'Automatic.'

TDK & NHTORO are two artists who are putting the state of Alabama on the map with their distinctive style of rap over hardcore trap beats. In the latest visual, 'Automatic,' TDK & NHTORO brings us closer to what is really going on in their home state. The video is catching a lot of attention from new fans, and record labels as the momentum continues to build for the two up-and-coming future rap stars.

'Automatic' has gained more than 3k streams on Youtube since its release on December 5, 2021, making it the second-fastest-growing video and single for TDK & NHTORO. Furthermore, the single has proved to be their best successful release of 2021. Blazing the hip-hop scene with hard-hitting verses and great punchlines, TDK & NHTORO is much more than rappers but a start of a new brand and movement.

Check out the latest video by TDK & NHTORO on the links provided below. For future projects, contact them by email or social media direct message for interviews, collaborations, or features.

Stream 'Automatic' now on Youtube:




TDK - @TriizzyDaKidd

NHTORO - @nhtoro


TDK - TriizzyDaKidd

NHTORO - sleezyt



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