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Watch Out For Toronto Alternative Hip Hop/Electronic Artist Erich Mrak

Toronto-based alternative hip hop/electronic pop artist Erich Mrak is the next Canadian in line for stardom

Canada’s music scene has gained more exposure in the last decade, thanks to the likes of Drake and The Weeknd.   The city of Toronto has been a hotbed of diverse talent and the USA has embraced our northern counterparts.

Toronto-based alternative hip hop/electronic pop artist Erich Mrak is the next Canadian in line for stardom.  Between singing and MCing Erich Mrak is winning fans everywhere with his alternative style.  Mrak took his game to another level this summer, amassing over 400,00 streams on Spotify.  He released his first buzz worthy album single “Girls” in June.

The latest new single is the hook-infused “No Ways” has picked up steam among hip hop fans.

Mrak states, “No Ways” is what happens when you’re a drink away from collapsing and spilling your feelings, when you should’ve said good night and gone home. “No Ways” initially started out as more of a country/pop song, with the guitar being the driving force behind the song. When writing “No Ways”, we initially had the second verse reversed. The first 8 bars were the ending and the last 8 bars were the beginning. However after recording it we decided to re-arrange the entire part of the song, and add a baseline.”

 “No Ways” is about a friend expressing their romantic feelings, and then having to manage their expectations while deciding what feels best for the friendship moving forward. Creative process : The guitar chords and chorus melody are what we’d initially built the song around. Most of “No Ways” was recorded in Phil’s home studio, unlike the rest of the album which was mostly recorded at Revolution Recording. We tracked most of the song in one day .”

No Ways, is a infectious single will help Erich establish himself as a formidable force in his own right. Riding impeccable production from the likes of Phil Hotz listeners can expect some very intriguing sounds.

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