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Up Next to Blow: TDK, NHTORO, and Kenny2Timez's Drops New Visual 'Yak Talk'

Alabama's next most prominent rap artists TDK, NHTORO, and Kenny2Timez continue to apply pressure with a new video release

The Alabama natives have been making waves as some of the region's most talented up-and-coming talent rising out of the independent network with all authentic music. Straight out of the streets of Bama, the three rap artists have been making a name for themselves in the recording industry by staying consistent and dropping music to connect with the fans and listeners. The 205 Rappers TDK, NHTORO, and Kenny2Timez, continue to build from the success of their recent releases and return with a new hard street banger titled 'Yak Talk.'

Known for their unfiltered and gutter style of rapping and lyrics, the trio is dedicated to their craft and creating music that will last for a lifetime. 'Yak Talk' displays just that: street, unapologetic, real talk music, one of the hottest songs TDK, NHTORO, and Kenny2Timez has released in 2022. The new video release is making a significant buzz on social media while being played worldwide by many bloggers and Youtubers from around the globe. 'Yak Talk' is well on its way to being a phenomenal single and video.

Like screwed-up music for syrup sippers, the Alabama natives give the fans 'Yak Talk,' which complements and highlights the lifestyle of the Henny drinking rappers. 'Yak Talk' places everyone in a different dimension with hypnotizing verses over a memorizing euphoric trap beat. TDK, NHTORO, and Kenny2Timez showcase some of their best skills while adding a unique spin to pull the audience in more.

Tune in now to see why 'Yak Talk' is slowly taking the rap community by storm.




TDK - TriizzyDaKidd


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